No more trucks. Just local businesses and neighbors delivering together.

The forest stands tall

Vecino isn’t just a robust solution to the logistical challenges of the urban landscape. It’s a branch of a powerful ecosystem of collaboration. One that leverages the collective assets of the community and the willingness of its members to participate in making their neighborhoods better. Vecino should be just one small spark of all the potential community driven solutions to the challenges of all cities.

Vecino means “Neighbor” in Spanish

“Pickups” was the name we started with because in the beginning we wanted to create a service for neighbors. But over our development, we realized that the service we were creating wasn’t ours to own; the service is neighbors helping other neighbors and we’re just empowering it. We exist to help empower neighbors to collaboratively improve their neighborhoods and we just so happen to be starting with logistics.

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This community fuels a strong mission

Our vision is to change the way we receive our goods in cities by creating a community based ecosystem that benefits our neighborhoods, local businesses, neighbors, and the environment. 

We know we’ll fulfill our mission because it’s powered by Everyone.

Delivery by everyone