Make extra money.
Without ever leaving the neighborhood.

Most neighbors earn $18-25 per hour without ever leaving the neighborhood*
Become a Neighbor

How It Works

Pick a block

Set up your account, download the app, and set the schedule for each week that works best for you. With every block of time, you’ll see your expected earnings, duration, and additional perks. You don’t have to compete against other neighbors for blocks each day. Once you commit to a block of time, it’s yours! 

Start Neighbor-ing

On the day of your block, head to your assigned neighborhood Spacer* to pick up your packages and delivery cart. Then, using the Vecino app, deliver packages to their destinations in the neighborhood. Once you’re done, return the cart to the nearest Spacer*.

Get Paid

That’s it! Vecino pays weekly and you can track your payments, points, and rewards within the Vecino app.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"This beats using my car for food delivery anyday!"
Joshua, Neighbor

"I love that I can make it back in time for dinner since I usually deliver right around my neighborhood!"
Emily, Neighbor

"I didn’t expect getting started to be so easy. The pay is pretty good and I love being able to reach the team so easily!"
Luis, Neighbor

Let's Talk Benefits

Work when you want

Unlike traditional gig-apps, Vecino offers unparalleled flexibility. As a Neighbor or Spacer, you decide when and where you want to work. No fixed schedules, no obligations. Vecino empowers you to work on your terms, giving you the freedom to balance work and life while earning extra income.

Work within a single neighborhood

You’ll always deliver and pick up packages within a single neighborhood. Your delivery radius will always be within a walking distance from the nearest designated Spacer*.

Only use a pair of feet

There’s no gas, toll, or wear and tear on your personal vehicle. No bikes to ride either. Just a pair of feet and a cart that will be waiting for you at your Spacer*.

Let's talk Requirements

Be 18 or older

Have a valid Government issued identification

Have a smartphone

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Neighbors?


Everyday people looking to earn additional or more steady income. Neighbors can be college student, retired workers or members of the local gig economy!

What are the potential monthly earnings for a Neighbor?


Up to $2,500 a month!

What does Vecino do?


Vecino is the pioneer of “Delivery By Everyone.” We are the hyperlocal supply chain partner for forward-thinking retailers and shipping carriers. Leveraging the collective free space of small businesses and delivery capacity of neighbors that live nearby, we help shipping carriers to eliminate door to door services by vehicle for a net-zero carbon emission final mile. We support local economies by passing those savings onto our small businesses and neighborhood partners.

What is last-mile delivery?


Last-mile delivery is the final step in the delivery process, covering the transportation of goods from a distribution hub to the end destination, typically a residence or a local business. It focuses on the efficient and timely delivery of packages to the end customer, addressing the challenges of the final leg of the supply chain.

Why is Vecino more sustainable than the usual delivery trucks?


Vecino is more sustainable than traditional delivery trucks because it leverages a community-powered approach, utilizing local businesses and individuals for last-mile deliveries. By optimizing space in existing locations and partnering with neighbors, Vecino significantly reduces carbon emissions, congestion, and environmental impact compared to the conventional use of large delivery vehicles.

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